Waterfalls to Visit in Oregon

Waterfalls to Visit in Oregon

Oregon is blessed with so many gorgeous waterfalls, regardless of what part of the state you’re in! If you’re on the coast, on the Gorge, or further south; there’s likely a waterfall nearby worth visiting. While some may require a hike & others do not, all of these are a must-see. Happy waterfall chasing!

Waterfalls to Visit on the Columbia River Gorge

Best Waterfalls in Oregon | Multnomah Falls

This area, just 30 minutes outside of Portland, is full of beautiful hikes that lead to waterfalls. Hop in the car, cruise the historic Columbia River Highway & take your pick. As a heads up, tons of trails still remain closed & inaccessible due to the 2017 Eagle Creek Fire. The good news is that some of the most beautiful waterfalls are still open, just be sure to check online before you plan a visit! Here are the waterfalls to visit on the Columbia River:

Waterfalls to Visit on the Oregon Coast

Best Waterfalls in Oregon | Fern Rock Creek Falls

If you want to get away from the crowds on the Columbia River Gorge, escape to the coast! Heading west from Portland, the Tillamook Forest is only an hour and a half away and is home to some of Oregon’s best coastal waterfalls. Here are a few to add to your list:

Waterfalls to Visit in Central Oregon

Best Waterfalls in Oregon | Bridal Veil Falls

If you prefer to be more secluded and nestled in nature, Central Oregon is the perfect destination to witness the wonderful waterfall cascades. Here’s what you should see:

What are some of your favorite waterfalls to visit in Oregon? Let me know in the comments below!

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