How to Organize a Small Space

Happy spring! Around this time, it’s pretty typical to want to purge everything and declutter your entire life. I always find myself in this boat, but the challenge of staying organized is that I live in a pretty small space of a little over 900 sqft. During my recent quest to give my space a makeover, I’ve discovered some amazing products that are practical, don’t require splurging, and easily removable if you live in an apartment. I’m super excited to start sharing my mini home projects this year! My first tackle is just in time for spring cleaning: organization.

How to Organize Cabinet Space

I decided to start with a smaller, manageable area of my apartment. It’s always a good idea to start in one place and my spice cabinet needed the most work. This cabinet always gave me anxiety, I always had to shuffle through the entire cabinet to find what I was looking for. After its mini face-lift, I was left with a clutter free cabinet that’s easy to navigate and it cost me around $30! See the products I used below.


How to Organize Cabinet Space | Before


How to Organize Cabinet Space | After

💡Organization Hack: Clean Cabinets Up With Storage Products

How to Organize Entryway Space

There’s this small cove in the entrance to my apartment that just sat empty for awhile, I thought it would make a great opportunity for storage space. My boyfriend and I always had the bad habit of throwing our shoes off at the front door, which would eventually accumulate into a dirty shoe pile. It ended up being such an eyesore. This $25 decorative shoe closet from IKEA cleaned it right up and it was so easy to put together.


How to Organize Entryway Space | Before


How to Organize Entryway Space | After

💡Organization Hack: Hide Clutter in Plain Sight

How to Organize Pantry Space

If you live in an apartment, it’s likely that you have a tiny pantry. If you have a pantry as small as mine, this will require creativity. But it’s nothing the Container Store can’t fix. A cluster of cereal boxes, snack boxes, flour bags and all of the other staple items in your pantry can be recipe for chaos and will get messy fast. Take everything out the box and throw it in a container, keep up with expiring foods by writing on a label or the bottom of the container. Mix it up with some baskets & containers to give your pantry a simple cohesive look.

Pantry Details:

How to Organize Pantry Space | After

💡Organization Hack: Baskets & Containers Are Your Best Friend

How to Organize Closet Space

I have a decently sized closet with a lot of vertical space, which is great, because my rule is to keep the floor free of pretty much anything especially if it can go on a shelf instead. This was the perfect opportunity to optimize the vertical space with garment boxes & bins for gently used or seasonal items to store away. Depending on what you have an excess of, whether if it’s shoes, sweaters, purses etc. Choose those garments to store away if they don’t get worn or used often and leave your everyday wardrobe for the rack. This will not only alleviate your dresser of being overstuffed but it will keep your closet tidy and be easy to navigate when you’re trying to find something to wear. I love the linen storage bins at Container Store, they’re super stylish, come in different shades and they last awhile!


How to Organize Closet Space | Before


How to Organize Closet Space | After

💡Organization Hack: Condense with Stylish Touches

What areas of your home are on your spring cleaning list? Let me know in the comments below!

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