Things to Do in Marfa, Texas

Things to Do in Marfa, Texas

Just less than 200 miles south of El Paso, Texas lay a remote town with a population of roughly 1,700 people. While Marfa appears to be a typical quiet Texan town, it attracts from all over the world, offering tourists an unconventional way to experience minimalist art blended with Texan culture. Here’s exactly what to do when in Marfa, Texas.

Things to Do in Marfa, Texas

Experience Contemporary Art in a New Way

Marfa, Texas is notably an art oasis, home to some of the most admired exhibits and installations in the country. You can sprinkle these into your itinerary or dedicate a day to see them all. View the work of some of arguably the most influential contemporary artists like Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, Andy Warhol and more! Experience contemporary art in a new way from the enormous concrete structures marrying architecture with landscape, to an abandoned Prada store sitting in the middle of the desert. Here are the art exhibits to visit in Marfa:

  • Prada Marfa | US-90, Valentine, TX 79854

  • Chinati Foundation | 1 Cavalry Row Marfa, TX 

  • The Ayn Foundation | 107-109 Highland St, Marfa, TX

  • Ballroom Marfa | 108 E San Antonio St, Marfa, TX

Things to Do in Marfa, Texas

West Texas Eats

Despite being in the middle of nowhere, there are a handful of gems in the area worth visiting to dine-in. As you enjoy your small town excursion, be sure to indulge in all of the local restaurants in the area. Keep in mind that Marfa is a weekend town with most restaurants closed during the week, so be sure to double check before you plan a trip. Here’s where to eat in Marfa:

Breakfast & Coffee:

  • Do Your Thing Coffee | 201 E Dallas St. Marfa, TX

  • Frama at Tumbleweed Laundry | 120 N Austin St, Marfa, TX

  • Buns N’ Roses | 1613 W San Antonio St, Marfa, TX


  • Food Shark | 909 W San Antonio St, Marfa, TX

  • Boyz 2 Men | 00 W San Antonio St, Marfa, TX


  • Stellina | 103 S Highland Ave, Marfa, TX

  • Laventure at Saint George Hotel | 105 S Highland Ave, Marfa, TX



There are a couple of attractions that make a great sightseeing adventure in this town, which doesn’t involve art. With Marfa mirroring a national park close to the border, you’re guaranteed scenic views so mesmerizing you’ll forget that you’re in Texas. Here are a couple of special sights to see in Marfa:

Marfa Lights

Visit the viewing area on a starry night to witness the strange phenomenon that has been spectated for hundreds of years. Catch a glimpse and learn about the theories that have left visitors puzzled as to why the lights appear, it is quite the sight to see!

Big Bend National Park

Who knew that Texas had a national park? Big Bend sits on the border of Texas and Mexico and is a scenic 1-hour and a half drive from Marfa. Take a day trip to gaze at the gorgeous mountain ranges and hit the hiking trails on a nice fall or spring day.

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