Things to Do in San Francisco

One of the most exciting cities in Northern California, San Francisco is full of attractions that would lure just about any travel enthusiast. Not only are the restaurants top notch, its historic landmarks and abundance of natural beauty is pretty fascinating. As one of the most densely populated cities, there is a laundry list of things to do to make the most out of your visit. 

Restaurants in San Francisco

Best Restaurants in San Francisco | Tartine Manufactory

There are so many places to eat within San Francisco’s tiny 7 x 7 mile radius. The dining scene in this city is so diverse that you will have more than enough options. Here are a few cool restaurants in San Francisco:

A Day at San Francisco’s Modern Museum of Art

Museums to Visit in San Francisco | MoMa

If you’re an art enthusiast, this is up your alley. San Francisco’s Modern Museum of Art is deemed one of the best modern museums in the US. They have a number of noteworthy collections to view; you can spend the whole day here exploring all seven floors.

Beaches in San Francisco

Beaches to Visit in San Francisco | Marshall's Beach

San Francisco has several beaches with stunning views of the Pacific and the Golden Gate Bridge. I love a serene, non-crowded beach at sunrise. Marshall’s Beach is probably the most secluded. Aside from the half-mile hike down a flight of steep stairs, the beach is pretty accessible and the view will be worth it. Here are a few other beaches to visit in San Francisco:

  • Baker Beach

  • Ocean Beach

  • Black Sands Beach

  • Kirby Cove Beach

  • Muir Beach

Shopping in San Francisco

Where to Shop on Fillmore | Freda

In the heart of San Francisco, Fillmore Street is a strip of excitement packed with restaurants, bars, music venues and quirky shops. You can easily spend a day exploring all that Fillmore has to offer, browse around and visit all of the hidden gems on this street.

Tourist Attractions in San Francisco

Things to Do in San Francisco | Painted Ladies

If you’re seeking the classic path of experiencing San Francisco, including the historic cable cars, vibrant Victorian homes and the Golden Gate Bridge, I have a list for you. Although I’m more of an off-the-beaten path traveler, the historic landmarks and tourist attractions is what make the city unique. Here are some of the most visited tourist attractions in San Francisco:

Best Day Trips from San Francisco

Things to Do in San Francisco | Ride the Ferry

Planning day trips to a cool, neighboring city is always a good idea, if time allows. The best part of San Francisco is that there’s a nice getaway across the bay in each direction and you can get there by riding the ferry. Here are a few day trips from San Francisco without a car:

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