Where to Buy Succulents in Dallas

Where to Buy Succulents in Dallas

Decorating a space with plants is a perfect complement to modern interior design. I love succulents in particular because they are low maintenance and cute indoor décor. There are known benefits for growing succulents in your home, like increasing productivity, purifying & keeping the air clean, and they can thrive anywhere! You can buy them at any nursery or plant shop, but a few of my favorite places to buy succulents in Dallas are true hidden gems in the city.

Best Plant Shops in Dallas | Ruibal's

The Farmers Market Gem

Ruibal’s | 601 S Pearl Expy Dallas, TX 

Ruibal’s is a plant nursery near the Farmer’s Market in downtown Dallas. They have tons of gorgeous succulents and cacti. It’s a challenge for me to find cute planters that match the style & vibe of my home, at Ruibal’s there is a great selection of planters to choose from. I can always count on their inventory to find something that works for me and also stylish. The staff is super helpful and they will pot your succulent or help you build a terrarium right in the store, all you have to do is pick out what you want! 


The Deep Ellum Gem

Jade & Clover | 2633 Main St #150, Dallas, TX 

Jade & Clover is one of my favorite boutiques in Deep Ellum; they also have the cutest plant bar in town. This shop is great for shopping for home accessories in general, but the succulent selection is an eye-catcher! You can build your own home for your succulent with a variety of colorful & trendy planters and terrarium containers. As a plus, they have at plant classes and special events at their store pretty often. If you’re ever shopping in the neighborhood, pay them a visit!


The Bishop Arts Gem

Oasis Plant Shop | 330 W Davis St, Dallas, TX

This plant shop is the new kid in town; so far it’s bringing so much charm to the Bishop Arts neighborhood. You truly feel like you’re entering a plant oasis with tons of succulents & plants to choose for your home. This is the perfect place to pick up a succulent or two while doing some shopping or brunching in the Bishop Arts District. This is one of the cutest plant shops in Dallas and you’ll walk in feeling inspired to become a plant mom (or dad) instantly!

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